JLoDrag“Always Free Associate!” ~ me

I do not coincide with myself. I am being neither arch nor ironic. It’s true both in the way that no one coincides with themselves (though we tend not to let ourselves know that) and in more pernicious ways that plague me on a daily basis.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” ~ Oscar Wilde

I was born in South Carolina (inarguably amongst the most backwards states in the U.S.) in the last month of 1967 (the U.S. launched Pioneer 8 into solar orbit on the day of my birth).

“There Is Great Disorder Under Heaven And The Situation Is Excellent.” ~ Mao Zedong

I’ve lived in quite a few states in the U.S. as well as stints of a year each in the Kathmandu Valley (and Nepal generally) and Mainz, Germany. (I write this from Burlington N.C., having moved away from the Atlanta area at the beginning of the summer of 2014).

“The only rule I observe is to be implacable and merciless with my unconscious” ~ Hélène Cixous

From 1997 until late in 2012, I was a member of the Atlanta Poets Group, which I had co-founded. My departure was due to irreconcilable differences. They still exist in some form and can be found online. The group had many collective publication opportunities in magazines over the years, all of which culminated in our UNO Press book The Lattice Inside: An Atlanta Poets Group Anthology in 2012 which I had a big part in creating.

profileshaved“By stretching language we’ll distort it sufficiently to wrap ourselves in it and hide.” ~ Jean Genet

Late this year or early next, a book co-authored with another ex-APG member, Dana Lisa Young, called Held to the Letter will be published by Lavender Ink in New Orleans. The cover art will be by Craig Dongoski and James Sanders is doing the book design.

“I am an other.” ~ Arthur Rimbaud

As time permits, I will create more project pages here to provide details of the many small collections and three completed manuscripts that I’ve yet to find homes for. But my dissertation is a more pressing concern at the moment. It has no title, but is concerned with revising and amending psychoanalytic theory (Lacanian, broadly speaking) in light of the insights into human subjectivity and possibility that the lives of trans and intersex people provide. In the dissertation and in my daily life I aspire to always be an ally, and to oppose the pathologization and social abjection of these (and all)  people.

“Not knowing what else to do I work from obsession.” ~ Nina Arsenault

I also paint, draw, dabble in sculptural assemblage — sing, write songs, play guitar, bass and turntable — work in photography and video, and — do some performance art now and then.

“Stop Nothing!” ~ me

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