Clips of Desire

Clips of Desire is another of the manuscripts that emerged from my very productive 2012 New Years Poetry Resolution. As that resolution was to revisit my own older ideas and give them a significant twist (or to steal ideas from others and do the same) this project was built from the conceptions involved in my earlier Stoppages (much as 555 was born from Correspondences). Without discussing that earlier collection of Duchamp-related poems in any detail, what Clips of Desire takes from there is the use of broken words, broken flow of syntax and a thematic focus, though in each case it is achieved here quite differently, with things being much more broken up, and the thematic aspects controlled for with greater oversight. I also wanted poems that looked very different from Stoppages’ somewhat lyric presentation, and so I settled on a specific number of “words” (324), a “prose-like” visual layout, and eschewal of all punctuation save for the comma. There are 36 poems in the sequence.

Each of these ran in an original draft on the APG website during the 2012 year, many of them with audio versions. None of those were submitted anywhere for publication though and I was unsatisfied with many of them to some degree. I am now in the process of a systematic revision of the entire sequence, application of a number of other methods, re-titling each poem, re-sequencing the set and re-recording the entire sequence. Not sure whether I will wait until all is done to submit any or if it will happen along the way.



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