11 poems from Correspondences in AtlPoetics

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The issue is available as a PDF.



9 @ Otoliths from Correspondences

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It’s issue 38, Southern Winter 2015

Contributors include;

Cecelia Chapman, Felino A. Soriano, Texas Fontanella, Heath Brougher, George McKim, Kyle Hemmings, Philip Byron Oakes, Jim Leftwich, Paul Summers, Annette Plasencia, Steve Dalachinsky, Karl Kempton, Vernon Frazer, Pete Spence, Eileen R. Tabios, Anna Ryan-Punch, Toby Fitch, Olivier Schopfer, Carlyle Baker, Lakey Comess, A. A. Kostas, John M. Bennett, Cheryl Penn, Joel Chace, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Jack Galmitz, Ric Carfagna, Owen Vince, Keith Kumasen Abbott, Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik, Marco Giovenale, David Greenslade, Chris Moran, Alyson Miller, Raymond Farr, John Pursch, Michael Jacobson, hiromi suzuki, Tyler Pruett, Rosaire Appel, Lee Ballentine, Jessie Janeshek, Márton Koppány, Sal Randolph, Jim McCrary, John Lowther, Sabine Miller, Volodymyr Bilyk, Howie Good, John Martone, Tim Wright, Eric Hoffman, Bill Wolak, Jeff Harrison, David Adès, Kathup Tsering, Natsuko Hirata, Tim Gaze, Daniel Pilkington, sean burn, Patrick Williams, Rob Stuart, Amelia Dale, Spencer Selby, Tony Beyer, Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch, Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Carol Stetser, Joe Balaz, Bobbi Lurie, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Ed Baker, Emma Corcoran, Sean Bolton, bruno neiva, Barnaby Smith, dan raphael, PT Davidson, Sheila E. Murphy, Cherie Hunter Day, A. Scott Britton, Marco Diotallevi, Willie Smith, Susan Connolly, SS Prasad, Michael Brandonisio, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Mark Russell, Bob Heman, Ian Gibbins, J. D. Nelson, Lotto Thießen, Sam Langer, harry k stammer, & Katrinka Moore.

Also, the print editions of Otoliths issue thirty-seven are now available from The Otoliths Storefront where the complete back catalog of issues of Otoliths as well as a wide range of quite incredible & unique books can also be found.

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read it.


5 from Correspondences at Assonance Lit Mag

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Swans ≈ Poets


1 from Correspondences @ Experiential Experimental Literature (ExExLit)

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2 from the vaults: Correspondences as published in Aught & Intercapillary Space

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writingI’m just now working through some poems that I’m putting together into a book manuscript, which I plan to call Cruising the Species. It will contain this manuscript called Correspondences (which I have just made a project page for) and 5 or 6 other small manuscripts that are all, in my estimation, quite unlike this one (and one another).

Five of the poems were published in Aught 11/12 (2003).

Ten of the poems were published in Intercapillary Space, 11 (2007).

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