a sonnet from 555 in Futures Trading 4.4

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1 @ Futures Trading (issue 3.3)

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Futures Trading 3.3

Featuring Maggie Wilson, P.D. Mallamo, Stephen Watt, Raymond Farr, Mark Young, John Lowther, Mark Blickley, Joel Chace, Simon Perchik, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Nate Maxson, Jon Riccio, Jake Tringali, Scott Thomas Outlar, Kenneth Pobo, John Nyman, and Charles Wilkinson


“If I am not already literally an impossible person I intend to become one.”

3 sonnets in Futures Trading 3.2

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Futures Trading 3.2 is fresh and ready for consumption. The issue features Mark DuCharme, Mark J. Mitchell, Stephanie Sheir, Woodrow Hightower, Mark Young, Elliot Robinson, Eddie Donoghue, Darren Demaree, Richard King Perkins, Gerard Sarnat, Aaron Anstett, John N. Miller, and John Lowther.

2 @ Futures Trading

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Futures Trading 2.4 is a go. The issue features William Blome, John Lowther, Joel Chace, Robert Klein Engler, Mercedes Lawry, Robin Reiss, Stephen C. Middleton, Raymond Farr, Benjamin Winkler, Holly Day, Mitchell Grabois, Marius Surleac, Willie Smith, Howie Good, and Mark Young.

2 @ Futures Trading

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